Top 7 Reasons to Choose a Semi-Rural Allotment Lifestyle!

At Mackkcon Homes we love nothing more than sharing the beauty of rural Australia with our clients. We specialise in introducing families new and old, big and small, to the joys of semi-rural living. Crossing the divide between country town living and farming life, semi-rural living is ideal for anyone, at any stage of life, who wants to enjoy the freedom of a country lifestyle without losing the community feeling of town life.

So here are our Top 7 Reasons to Choose a Semi-Rural Allotment!

1: Retirement and Downsizers

When farming is in your blood, it can be hard to give up the life entirely. Farming in Australia gives us a sense of identity and strength. Giving up something that has been your way of life for decades can seem like an impossibility.

As a result, the team at Mackkcon Homes has found that semi-rural living is ideal for retirees and downsizers. It offers a way to continue enjoying the rural lifestyle on a smaller scale. Rather than trying the manage several thousand acres, semi-rural living gives you the freedom to continue your lifestyle on a more manageable allotment.

2: Gardening and Farming

Semi-rural allotment living gives both growing families and retirees, alike, the option to enjoy farming. Semi-rural allotment living is ideal for small scale – or “hobby” – farming. For retirees, this is ideal for continuing to enjoy aspects of your rural lifestyle. For growing families, a hobby farm is perfect for teaching children responsibility. Imagine being able see the wonder in the eyes of your kids when they’ve grown their own vegetables for the first time.

3: Healthy Lifestyle

Semi-rural home means you are more likely to buy your food straight from the farmers, fresh, rather than from a supermarket. In stunning semi-rural regions, like Hamilton, you will find better access to parks and hiking trails. You also have better access to outdoor sports clubs, cycling paths and other outdoor activities for you and your family. And let’s not forget the fact you’ll have more space around your own home for family events, parties, and barbeques.

4: Growing Families

Mackkcon Homes has also found that semi-rural living is ideal for expanding families who are looking for more space. Semi-rural living is perfect for families who are living in town or in the suburbs who are looking for a more rural lifestyle, but who still want easy access to necessary services like schools and hospitals.

Semi-rural living truly gives you the best of both worlds – the benefits of rural living without compromising on important social ties for you and your children. As a result, you create an environment for your family that is strong on both responsibility, community, and environment.

5: Community and Social Life

As mentioned above, semi-rural living is ideal for people of all ages as it helps promote a strong sense of community. With easier access to vibrant town centres, like Hamilton, you will find yourself more eager to reach out to your neighbours and community. The combination of rural living, coupled with a strong community feeling and every day amenities, creates a stronger sense of social life than many find in city centres.

Further, a thriving community feeling is not only a welcome change for some rural retirees, it also provides a sense of support and security for young and expanding families.

6: Less Stress

For rural retirees, running a several thousand acre property can get stressful. It isn’t surprising that many retiring farming families report feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. While it can be difficult to pass the reins on to the next generation, those who do always report feeling more relaxed. Our clients always report enjoying their quieter, calmer life in semi-rural living. Further, many find themselves finally having time to take up hobbies they’ve always wanted to try but never had the time before. From gardening to bee-keeping to carpentry to handicrafts and even writing, semi-rural living allows you the freedom to enjoy a rural life without the pressure.

And, finally, for families moving up from smaller block to larger semi-rural allotments, they find the space allows them to be more creative and stretch their wings. Both children and adults alike have the space and freedom to explore a variety of new and exciting possibilities thanks to this small scale rural living.


7: (Re)Connect with the Australian Countryside

Finally, one of the greatest joys of semi-rural living is getting back in touch with nature for retirees. And for young families, exploring this new expanse of wildlife and bushland is an exciting adventure and teaching experience.

After all, there’s nothing more stunning than waking up and seeing rolling green fields and stretches of bushland. And some of the simplest things in life can have the biggest impact on the happiness of your family. The quiet of semi-rural living allows you to indulge in bushwalking, bird watching and even in some true star gazing.

Want to know more about semi-rural allotment living options near you? Want to discuss your plans for your dream semi-rural home? Contact the team at Mackkcon today! We’d love to hear from you!