Selection Studio

The Selection Studio…. In-house colour selections for your new home are made easy at Mackkcon Homes. The Selection Studio has everything. A wide range of quality fittings and fixtures to choose from. Bricks, roofing, windows, floor & wall tiles, carpets, kitchen appliances and bathroom fittings to name a few. Enjoy the experience of designing and creating your new home, in comfort and with the help of our experienced interior design staff.


Choosing the right colour of paint for a room could have a great impact not only on people’s moods but on their electricity bills as well!


It’s no secret that lighter colours reflect more light and absorb less heat while dark colours absorb both light and heat. As a result, a room with light colour walls will need less artificial light than a room with dark coloured walls. In order to strike the right balance throughout both warm and the cold seasons, it is beneficial to use light colours for walls and dark colours for furniture.