Free Service Before You Build


Mackkcon Homes offers a free service to assess your block of land even before you buy.   Our FULL SITE ASSESSMENT REPORT will ensure you are fully aware of what you are buying and what costs you may incur.

Our report will contain:

  • Land & Titles details of easements etc boundaries & zonings.
  • Topography. (The fall of the land.) N-S-E-W. & Soil conditions.
  • Service Connection and what’s available on site.
  • Roads & Fencing, condition and future costs.
  • Bushfire Attack Level BAL (a new requirement for all areas).
  • Rescode requirements. Considers existing homes in the area.
  • Locality, street and site plan.  The home footprint on the allotment.

Mackkcon Homes prides itself on telling you exactly what you are getting in your new home. No nasty add on surprises half way through your build or at the end.

We believe you should ask your builder for confirmation of all that is required and the following is a list of what we believe you should be aware of:-

Mackkcon Homes ensures all of the following commitments are met by us.  Our commitment to 6 star is something we pride ourselves in.

  • Can you build for that price on my land with no changes?
  • Does that price include building permits, Bushfire BAL report, energy rating report and the new lighting schedule as well as the preparation of all?
  • Does that design and price meet the 6 star mandatory energy rating?
  • What quality assurance do you offer that our finished home is fully built to 6 star energy report?
  • Are there appliances and hot water included and if so are they ‘cheap’ and therefore high energy using appliances?
  • Is the home an energy guzzler, to be built for that price?
  • Does the price cover the correct soil classification for Hamilton and surrounds?
  • Are all engineering costs and inspections included? (not including council inspections which are mandatory)
  • Does the price include all the new fall protection requirements to prevent a fall or death?
  • Are standard house connections included?
  • Does the home price quoted look like the facade image in the advert.?
  • Do these builders use local suppliers and knowledgeable local trade’s people that will give us good back up service?
  • Look closely at the inclusions list, but look closer and ask them more importantly, what’s not included.
  • Don’t assume it will be included, if it’s not mentioned it’s probably not be included.
  • What quality assurance can be offered that will assist our home having a better resale value?
  • If we do have a problem with our new home who is the local person we can call on immediately?
  • Ask yourself…. at the end of the day… will all of our expectations be met?